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MBD | Morshed Business Development

Morshed Business Development

Started as a freelance and outsourcing staff to help international, regional, and local agencies and companies in their tasks, projects, and missions in Iraq.


Our leap, unlike most companies who suffered from COVID-19, actually happened during COVID-19 and our growth was so rapid.


We started moving towards completing registering our company with unique specifications in Iraqi law that help us serve more clients in the best possible ways.

Our company legal name following the Iraqi company laws is: “Morshed General Services Limited”, but we refer to ourselves as Morshed Business Development (MBD).


Our Mission:


Is to develop a business plan and grow our client's business in the ways they want and push it even further, beyond their imagination.


Our Vision:


Is to leave an imprint be it big or small, but most importantly effective, in every field of business.


Our Methodology:


First off, we listen to our clients, get every data that's important for us, get our client's needs and goals, and then these data will undergo an analysis process through a set of methodologies, tactics, and strategies.

To build the best business solutions from the ground up with the optimal results, we then, refine and keep improving upon it and update it. And SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS!



Our National Duty:


Developing a viable and thriving national private sector, which is regionally competitive and globally integrated, led by the business community, contributes to economic diversification, sustainable development and job creation.

Great promise resides in the nation’s national assets, i.e. its human capital, natural resources, fertile land, a great wealth of historical sites and religious pilgrimage destinations, and vast market opportunities, given the huge demand for products and services and plentiful financial revenues.

Taken together, a national endowment exists with immense potential for new ventures in all sectors of the economy, led by a resurgent private sector that drives economic growth and diversification.

Our National Duty


شركة المرشد للخدمات العامة/ محدودة المسؤولية شركة عراقية خاصة، مسجلة في وزارة التجارة دائرة تسجيل الشركات، قسم الشركات العراقية وتمارس عملها في العراق استنادا لأحكام المادة (19) من قانون الشركات رقم (21) لسنة 1997 المعدل. حيث تم إيداع نسخة من بيان التأسيس ونشره وفقا لأحكام المادة (21) من القانون أعلاه.

واستنادا إلى قرار وزارة التجارة – دائرة تسجيل الشركات المرقم م. ش. أ. – 02 – 000013767 تم إصدار شهادة تأسيس الشركة وحفظت نسخة منها في كل من:



الاسم التجاري لشركة المرشد للخدمات العامة/ محدودة المسؤولية محجوز رسميا لصالح السيد أنس مرشد محمود لدى غرفة تجارة بغداد وفق الكتاب المرقم 1205

والمرسل إلى اتحاد الغرف التجارية العراقية والتي أبدت موافقتها على منح الاسم التجاري وأشعار وزارة التجارة العراقية/ دائرة تسجيل الشركات بذلك

وفق الكتاب ذي العدد 501

مدينة: بغداد حي: المنصور أسم الشارع: 14 رمضان رقم المبنى: 1/24 رقم المحلة: 609 رقم الزقاق: 41 بغداد/قضاء الكرخ/ حي المنصور


“Hold my hand in yours, and we will not fear what hands like ours can do.”
― Anonymous,
The Epic of Gilgamesh