PR Agency in Iraq | Morshed is a Public Relations and Business Development Company, Consultant Firm, and PR Agency in Iraq, With Marketing & Market Research Experience

Morshed Consultant (PR, Marketing and Research Agency in Iraq).

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Morshed is (Public Relations- PR Agency, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Business Development Consultant and B2B Creative Services) Company in Iraq.

"Morshed enables our clients by combining our expertise and resources with the strengths of seasoned employees. to build a successful company and great relationships with their target audiences. PR consulting, reputation and crisis management, media and community relations, digital and social media marketing, market research, and media training are some of the services offered."

10 Years of Experience in PR and Marketing in Iraq.

PR Agency in Iraq | marketing, agency, in, iraq Baghdad, Iraq. The Qushla lays at Rusafa side of the Iraqi capital. The Ottoman Wali Namiq Pasha started the building in 1881. The building was finished after him by the next Wali Madhat Pasha. By Morshed Business Development and PR in Iraq
"Morshed began in 2014 as a freelance and outsourced staff member to help local, regional, and international organizations and enterprises with their obligations and projects in Iraq. The group has grown significantly over the last three years, particularly since we became aware of the high demand for our services and the scarcity of suppliers in the Iraqi market. As a result, Morshed was formally registered as a company in 2019, and we have since taken on a variety of difficult projects, amassed expertise in PR and Marketing, built solutions, and provided business development services to help all of our clients' businesses—large and small—grow and thrive in the face of adversity. We value the Iraqi economy, so we consider it our responsibility to aid established firms, new startups, and others."
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Searching for a reliable public relations, marketing, and research firm in Iraq? Morshed Consultant is the only name you need to know. Our knowledgeable staff provides a variety of services to help organizations grow, such as market research, brand development, and public relations. With our extensive knowledge of the Iraqi market, we can assist you in achieving your objectives and distinguishing yourself from the competitors. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist your company in thriving in Iraq.

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Morshed is the Top (PR Agency in Iraq)

Morshed is (Marketing Agency in Iraq) 

"Top Public Relations and Communication Agency in Iraq according to Clutch ranking"

PR Agency in Iraq | Anas Morshed Founder CEO of Morshed Business Development and Public Relation in Iraq

"As Gilgamesh said in his epic, “Hold my hand in yours, and we will not fear what hands like ours can do.” we give business owners and entrepreneurs the same promises."

Anas Morshed
Founder CEO

MISSION: To develop, grow, and extend our clients' enterprises in the ways they desire, and to push them far beyond, beyond, and above their greatest aspirations.

VISION: to create a lasting impression, no matter how large or tiny, but most importantly, to be effective.


"BDS activities span multiple divisions, including sales, marketing, project management, product management, and vendor management. There is also networking, negotiating, teamwork, and cost-cutting measures. All of these various departments and operations are motivated by and linked with corporate development goals.

For more information please contact us or take a look into our services."

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"Ethics for successful development:

Implementing proper and fair practices in areas such as corporate governance, insider trading, legalized bribery, discrimination, CSR, and fiduciary duties constitutes business ethics. Laws and regulations frequently set the benchmark for work moral standards, which businesses can then choose to follow and grow on in order to earn the trust and loyalty of consumers and market participants."

"Why Is Development Necessary?
New business growth is critical for job creation, the development of major industries, and the long-term viability of the economy."

"Why Is Public Relations Important?

Based on your company's objectives, public relations can help you connect with a wide range of people. PR effectively communicates a specific message to your targeted audiences, whether it's with the media, investors, the government, the community, consumers, or internally (think the staff and their morale).

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PR Agency in Iraq | public relations and communications association جمعية العلاقات العامة والتواصل
Market Research in Iraq The Market Research Society (MRS)
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Our market research service in Iraq provides valuable insights on consumer behavior, industry trends, and the competitive landscape. Our expert team uses cutting-edge tools and techniques for accurate data analysis and reliable insights, helping businesses develop effective business strategies and identify growth opportunities. Our services include market research, brand development, and public relations, providing businesses with the market intelligence, business insights, and expert analysis they need to succeed in the dynamic Iraqi market. Trust us for reliable data and expert analysis to gain a competitive edge in the Iraqi market.

Do you need dependable market research services in Iraq? Look no further than Morshed, the region's leading consulting firm and company agency. Our skilled staff gathers and analyzes data using cutting-edge methods, giving useful insights for firms operating in the Iraqi market. Call us right away if you want to achieve success and growth in Iraq.

Morshed's dependable market research services will help you gain a competitive advantage in the Iraqi market. Our skilled staff collects and analyzes data using cutting-edge methods and techniques, offering important insights for businesses of all sizes.

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