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history and overview 


Head Office

Head Team

MBD | Morshed Business Development

14 Ramadan Street, Al Mansour District, Baghdad, Iraq

Anas Morshed | CEO


Founded in 2017, Baghdad, Iraq


Officially registered as a company


Undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills

"Morshed, The First Business Development as a Service Firm in Iraq! began in 2014 as a freelance and outsourcing staff to help international, regional, and local agencies and companies in their tasks, projects, and missions in Iraq. Over the past 3 years, the group has grown, especially after noticing the high demands for our services and the lack of its providers in the Iraqi market. Therefore, Morshed was officially registered as a company in 2019, and since that, we have undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills, and experiences in public Relations and Governmental Relations, and built solutions, and business development services, that assist our clients’ business, whether small or large, to grow more and survive any threat. We value the economy of Iraq, so we believe that our responsibility lies in helping big companies, new startups, and other organizations to perform in a better way that helps in creating new jobs opportunity, providing satisfying services, and developing the economy in general."

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